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Wamp Gallery User Guide

This guide is designed to help answer any questions you may have about using the gallery. if this guide doesn't have the right answer for you please feel free to contact us using the link to the left

Getting Started

The main feature of the gallery is the ability to easily view and rate images either randomly or using search parameters of your choosing. To begin voting you must be logged in. Only registered Wamp members are allowed to vote on the gallery (though anyone can view images). If you wish to register on Wamp it is quick and easy to do so and is free.

To join follow this link: Join Wamp


Voting is very simple to do but there are a few restrictions. Firstly you MUST be logged in to vote. You cannot vote on your own work and you may only vote on an image once. These restrictions are all put into place to ensure honest voting and to prevent vote padding and any other undesirable activities. We want the rating to be honest and fair. To further aid this where possible the identity of an artist is hidden so as not to sway your scoring. Obviously an image's author can be discovered if you so wish (most easilt by clicking 'profil' below an image on the rating screen. An images current score isnt shown on the rating screen until after you have entered your score, this further helps keep your judgement objective!

You can begin voting in a number of ways. The first way is to click the blg 'Rate' button on the top right of the screen - this will randomly show images from all categories (painted miniatures and sculpts) If you prefer to rate only painted work of sculpts then you can click the relevant link in the left hand menu. Clicking on a thumbnail will take you to the rating page for that specific image.

To enter a vote is simple on the rating page just below the image you will find a bar that will fill with up to 10 blocks as you move your mouse across it. Simply move your mouse to the block/number of your choosing and click. Your vote is now entered.

You may if you wish leave a comment on an image. This is usually welcomed by artists and helpful critique is a great aid to inproving our painting level. If you do leave a comment please ensure its done in a friendly manner. (all comments are approved before being made public).


Uploading Images

If you want folks to rate you images you need to upload them to the site first (obviously!) to do this click on the 'my pictures' link in the right hand menu. You will now see the flash uploader or you can switch to the basic uploader.

Which Uploader is Best?

This depends on you. The flash uploader allows you to upload mutliple files quickly and easily. However it doesnt allow you to put in any information about the image during upload. You can however add these details after upload if you wish.

If you prefer to add in all the details on upload then choose the basic uploader (just click the link on the upload screen) this allows you to enter as much information as you want though you will upload one image at a time.

Once your image is uploaded it will show in your own gallery (in 'my pictures') from here you can edit images and update details as and when you wish as well as selecting whether or not an image is ratable by other users.

All images have fields for you to provide information. This information helps people rate your image better and also helps folks search for them. For example there are fields for you to put whether a miniature has NMM or is a gaming piece. People can filter search results using these (and more) parameters so if someone wants to only view examples of NMM they can find them easily.

Images must be within the size and file size parameters listed on the upload screen - if files are not within these parameters they will not be uploaded..

What is Allowed?

You may submit any images of completed sculpts or completed painted miniatures. The gallery is designed for finished work and as such WIP shots are not permitted. Any images submitted that breach these guidelines will be removed during the approval process. There are several free to use online photo hosting sites you may use to store WIP shots you wish to display on Wamp


Creating Album's

You may if you wish create album to help organise your images. To do this go to 'My pictures' and input an album name in the text box at the top of the page then click 'add' to create the album. You can also if you wish make this album private and only allow access to users you wish..


Some of you profile will be compiled automatically from your main Wamp profile but you can edit this a little. Simply click 'edit profile' in the right hand menu You can add in details such as your real name, location and a little about yourself. These are all optional. You must have a valid birthday entered for the profile to update but this isnt displayed publically anywhere. Your profile will also display an image - this is your default image (this can be selected in 'my pictures') and is the one that appeard as your avatar around the gallery. Below this you will also find a url link to your own personal gallery - feel free to use this link to share your gallery around the web as you see fit.

Images that are recent will appear with a 'new' sticker above them in profiles, this also helps you see new work from other people.


In the right hand menu you will notice a link called 'My Stats'. In here you can find statistics about your personal gallery such as your average rating, number of votes and the average rating you give to others.

My Settings

In the 'My Settings' section of the right hand menu you can change some personal settings such as your time zone and whether you wish to allow users to view your profile. You can also turn on or off rating for your whole gallery. (If you wish to allow rating on a per image basis you can select this in 'my pictures' (simply select the 'ratablity option below the desired image)

You may also select whether we notify you via email when someone comments on your photo or profile.

The Main Page

On the main page you will find any news items as well as the latest images submitted to the gallery as well as the latest comments left. (please note that images placed withina Photo Album will not appear on the recent submissions section)


Top Rated

Once images achieve a pre determined amount of votes they will become eligible for the 'Top Rated' elements of the site. These are determined by finding the highest scoring images with the qualifying number of votes. The top 5 from both Painted Miniatures and Sculpts will be displayed on the right hand menu. The top 20 of Painted Miniatures or Sculpts can be found in the 'top rated' links in the left hand menu. After clicking the link to view these you may then selecet a time range within which to view images. So if you wish to view the top rated painted miniatures from the past week simply click the past week filter on the top rated page, you may also view the top rated from the past month year or all time as well.


There are 2 ways in which to search through the images. The quick search is availlable in the left hand menu and allows you to search by manufacturer, artists name (username) and type (Painted miniature or Sculpt). If you wish to search using more parameters then simply click on advanced search. Here you can input more parameters such as an images title or description and you may also filter results depending on whether they have NMM or OSL or perhaps they are a gaming piece rather than display for example. Things like username or image title dont need to be full text. For example if you wish to search by username but can't remember the exact name but you know it begins with 'dark' you could enter 'dark' into the username box and click search. this will then bring up any username containing 'dark' so your results may be: Darklord, Dark Messiah, Darkkinght, Dark Art...... and so on. Putting Darklord as a search term would just return the results: Darklord & Mrs Darklord. (note that it will only brings results for users will active images)


I cant vote!

Make sure you are logged in and that you are not trying to vote on your own image or one you have previously voted on as this is not allowed.

I uploaded an image but its not there.

Firstly make sure your image uploaded uscessfully. It must be within the size parameters listed on the upload screen. If it isnt it wont upload. Also make sure you have space available in you gallery. Each user has a set amount of images allowed. Once this is reached you cannot upload more without first deleting some.

All images need to be approved by moderators so they wont appear on the recent submissions section on the gallery home page until approved., this is usually pretty quick but can take up to 24 hours at busy times. Also images placed into albums wont appear on the recen submissions. If you image appears on your 'my pictures' page then they are in the system awaiting approval.

My comment isn't showing up

Like images all comments are moderator approved before been shown publically so allow a little time for this.

I don't want my image rated

No problem, simply go into 'My settings' and select the 'dont allow users to rate me' option.

I can't find the answer I need

Then feel free to ask in the forum or contact us using the link to the left of this guide

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